Handmade creation ep.2

It’s Bee theme birthday gift for my friend’s baby boy:

baby bee theme 2baby bee theme 1

A very simple and easy to make kind of gift, I spent only two hours making it!

To make it, you can just take theme background from internet (I made this one by myself on MS word) and print cute bee characters and paste them with thick tape to make it 3D.
You can add abit of glitter here and there to make it sweeter.
You can basically buy frame anywhere, I got this one at Giant only for Rp. 10K!

For more ideas on free bee theme, you may check these cuties I found from other net sources ^^

Happy crafting!


About stephanieselvy

a super happy married woman, a traveller, a reader, a kpop culture freak, a home cook, an art lover, a dreamer and a sleeper. I will post stuff that interest me (and prolly you) and will post in two different languages (English and Indonesian), a sorry in advance if my English is kinda lame :D Hope you can enjoy reading and I'll be so excited if you can drop your thoughts too :) Cheers!

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