Foodaholic Trip

Another post is comiiiiinnngg…please do not read this post with empty stomach! I warned you!

I wondered what would be the nicest job on earth? Right after I finished uploading my Singapore trip pics, I asked to myself, why cant I land a job that only allows me to travel the globe and eat delicious dishes and brag about them?? Why oh why…

I couldnt snap all the plates I had, mostly because I was too hungry to even bother the tradition (ritual org Indo: ambil foto, ngicip2, sadar kalo belom berdoa, berdoa beberapa detik, lalu makan), I expected tons of bones inside since you know, sting…ray..uh oh.:


Pork Satay with Pineapple peanut sauce:
A must eat – Singaporean typical Chicken Rice (accompanied by fu yung tan, shrimp roll, cakwe, kangkong and bbq pork):


Cupcakes made by a colleague, looks like she hated Mario Bros that she made a poisonous mushroom look alike; they are yummy tho!:


Last but not least…chili crab! they said it’s a Singaporean who found this dish…i’d say he/she must have married an Indo-Padang fella:



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a super happy married woman, a traveller, a reader, a kpop culture freak, a home cook, an art lover, a dreamer and a sleeper. I will post stuff that interest me (and prolly you) and will post in two different languages (English and Indonesian), a sorry in advance if my English is kinda lame :D Hope you can enjoy reading and I'll be so excited if you can drop your thoughts too :) Cheers!

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