Another Farewell Project

It’s been awhile since my last post. I dont feel guilty though coz I actually am having a REAL life and need to really do something real in reality. I know I know I sound boring.

Well, to make it up for the lost time, I will bombard you all with new updates and writing on my real and boring life.

Exactly today, I needed to create a farewell memento for a leaving colleague. With tight budget and timing, somehow I managed to compile this not-so-bad message board for her. (I had a phone call meeting, uploading files into company net AND do this project).

The concept is really simple, all you need to do are simply cut and paste 🙂 Here is the snapshow:


I spent about Rp. 50.000,- (equal to around USD 5) for this project, cheapy cheapy eh?
Here is the breakdown if you dont buy me:
1. Photo print: Rp. 16.750
2. Green board: Rp. 16.000
3. Coloured papers: Rp. 10.000
4. Silver ribbons: Rp. 10.000

Neat, riiigght?


About stephanieselvy

a super happy married woman, a traveller, a reader, a kpop culture freak, a home cook, an art lover, a dreamer and a sleeper. I will post stuff that interest me (and prolly you) and will post in two different languages (English and Indonesian), a sorry in advance if my English is kinda lame :D Hope you can enjoy reading and I'll be so excited if you can drop your thoughts too :) Cheers!

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