End of Year

Here we are at the (2 days before) end of 2014. Most people will say, wow time flies! Well that’s definitely not true for me. This year I have yet again experienced alot of ups and downs, life is a rollercoaster could be my title for 2014.
At the beginning of 2014 I had to go through frequent cervical check ups in Singapore for pre-cancer suspect, which were not really amusing and had affected me (and my husband) alot throughout the year. I was always playing the what-if’s scenarios in my mind, and I was seriously depressed. I had became very negative towards people and very sensitive over trivia matters (and cried and wailed alot).

Short story, thanks to God, the last monthly check up done in June turned out to be positive, I was super relieved and happy. Not only that we can then continue the baby-program again but I becoming more and more positive. Still, we have to make planning for half yearly check up in Indonesia

The first 6 month of 2014 have changed me alot. I am now becoming more focus with myself, my husband, family and friends and getting back to the right track with God. My career ambitions becoming much less of focus, eventhough things at work was and is rather good for me. I have received a bonus for selling the first new product; I was nominated as a young talented potential and got accepted to follow an international course started in April 2015. These are the things that would make the old me very happy.

The new me is now easily amused by seeing simple cute things like youtube video about cats chasing lights.. The new me can somehow be sillier and spontaneous, like not having a plan at all or driving for miles everyday to home and to random places (I really hated driving before!).. The new me puts God and family first. I dont care if all the resolution I made last year didnt come to life because I have became a whole new person at the end of 2014 now and I am ready to embrace whatever lies in 2015!

What I had felt and experienced this year may not be as worse/good as yours, but I hope you are taking your time on these last two days of 2014 to see and know the new you.

Happy new year, happy people!


About stephanieselvy

a super happy married woman, a traveller, a reader, a kpop culture freak, a home cook, an art lover, a dreamer and a sleeper. I will post stuff that interest me (and prolly you) and will post in two different languages (English and Indonesian), a sorry in advance if my English is kinda lame :D Hope you can enjoy reading and I'll be so excited if you can drop your thoughts too :) Cheers!

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