Hello fellas,

Wow, sudah setahun lebih ternyata saya tidak aktif blogging..tepatnya 18 bulan sudah. Malu euy..apalagi melihat blog-blog lain yang going stronger each days, but i put my thick face front lah..and proudly (or shamelessly) comeback to this blog of mine.

Tentunya selama 18 bulan ini banyak sekali yang sudah terjadi dan saya harus nyicil catch up news update baik untuk review-review ataupun sharing ga pentingnya..

See you in the next posting and happy fasting buat yang sedang menjalankan ibadah puasa!




About stephanieselvy

a super happy married woman, a traveller, a reader, a kpop culture freak, a home cook, an art lover, a dreamer and a sleeper. I will post stuff that interest me (and prolly you) and will post in two different languages (English and Indonesian), a sorry in advance if my English is kinda lame :D Hope you can enjoy reading and I'll be so excited if you can drop your thoughts too :) Cheers!

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