Hello fellas,

Wow, sudah setahun lebih ternyata saya tidak aktif blogging..tepatnya 18 bulan sudah. Malu euy..apalagi melihat blog-blog lain yang going stronger each days, but i put my thick face front lah..and proudly (or shamelessly) comeback to this blog of mine.

Tentunya selama 18 bulan ini banyak sekali yang sudah terjadi dan saya harus nyicil catch up news update baik untuk review-review ataupun sharing ga pentingnya..

See you in the next posting and happy fasting buat yang sedang menjalankan ibadah puasa!





I have been in regular basis watching Kdrama, and yes, initial reason was to check out the cuties and hotties of course! But since last year, I somehow became very picky and critical in watching the Kdramas. I am now really watching (no time skipping or recap readings beforehand) one or maybe two Kdramas at a time. It’s not that I have so high standards of dramas, but I feel that the bar was set somehow higher and higher (at least in Kdrama case, which I am gladly embracing it!).

While for Indonesian drama (aka Sinetron)…I am feeling sad and embarassed, it seemed that everybody in the industry only after the money (commercial break can take up to 10 minutes!!). Maybe I am the only one who is overthinking this, but I do feel pity for the Indonesian drama series. There were some real potentials I’ve seen in the past (Tersayang, for example), but today, every channel you check, there are these series of stereotypes in form of weekdays drama, 1 hour long, hundreds of thousands episodes, starred by similar casts who are most popular at that time (Nikita Willy for example…she is seriously everywhere that she started making me think if she’s an alien with super stamina). Personally, I strongly think that the industry should upgrade themselves and their audiences; try drama with simple but relatable twist of life, human casts (not only pretty face, but with emotion, both positive and negative, we’re all human afterall!) and good script! (don’t overstrecth it…if the drama is good, so let it ended and be remembered from it). And all in all, don’t copy any dramas! It’s like getting plastic surgery to look exactly the same as someone else but failing. I think remaking old drama is cool if the director and writer can really give (positively) different kick to audience.

Anyway, currently I am watching Kdrama: “High School Love On” and “Marriage, not Dating”. If you are a newbie in Kdrama, you may want to start with these two light dramas. I do think these types of dramas can be easily made in Indonesia. Really hope to see tiny light at the end of this tunnel.
I am considering to do recaps for drama that I watch or love..but hesitating alot coz of the commitments. But hey, who knows I might dip my toes someday 😉