Hello fellas,

Wow, sudah setahun lebih ternyata saya tidak aktif blogging..tepatnya 18 bulan sudah. Malu euy..apalagi melihat blog-blog lain yang going stronger each days, but i put my thick face front lah..and proudly (or shamelessly) comeback to this blog of mine.

Tentunya selama 18 bulan ini banyak sekali yang sudah terjadi dan saya harus nyicil catch up news update baik untuk review-review ataupun sharing ga pentingnya..

See you in the next posting and happy fasting buat yang sedang menjalankan ibadah puasa!




End of Year

Here we are at the (2 days before) end of 2014. Most people will say, wow time flies! Well that’s definitely not true for me. This year I have yet again experienced alot of ups and downs, life is a rollercoaster could be my title for 2014.
At the beginning of 2014 I had to go through frequent cervical check ups in Singapore for pre-cancer suspect, which were not really amusing and had affected me (and my husband) alot throughout the year. I was always playing the what-if’s scenarios in my mind, and I was seriously depressed. I had became very negative towards people and very sensitive over trivia matters (and cried and wailed alot).

Short story, thanks to God, the last monthly check up done in June turned out to be positive, I was super relieved and happy. Not only that we can then continue the baby-program again but I becoming more and more positive. Still, we have to make planning for half yearly check up in Indonesia

The first 6 month of 2014 have changed me alot. I am now becoming more focus with myself, my husband, family and friends and getting back to the right track with God. My career ambitions becoming much less of focus, eventhough things at work was and is rather good for me. I have received a bonus for selling the first new product; I was nominated as a young talented potential and got accepted to follow an international course started in April 2015. These are the things that would make the old me very happy.

The new me is now easily amused by seeing simple cute things like youtube video about cats chasing lights.. The new me can somehow be sillier and spontaneous, like not having a plan at all or driving for miles everyday to home and to random places (I really hated driving before!).. The new me puts God and family first. I dont care if all the resolution I made last year didnt come to life because I have became a whole new person at the end of 2014 now and I am ready to embrace whatever lies in 2015!

What I had felt and experienced this year may not be as worse/good as yours, but I hope you are taking your time on these last two days of 2014 to see and know the new you.

Happy new year, happy people!

Hadiah Paling Berkesan

Saya akan mencoba lebih sering post hal-hal dengan bahasa Indonesia kali ini. Mungkin akan terdengar kaku, mohon dimaklumi ya, saya soalnya kurang pede kalau harus menulis dengan bahasa Indonesia, suka kebablasan pake bahasa Jawa ato bahasa Semarangan yang bisa bikin bingung khalayak ramai…

Akhir-akhir ini saya kepikiran untuk share dengan teman-teman tentang hadiah. Ya, siapa sih yang ngga suka dikasih hadiah? Apalagi hadiah yang berkesan dan pas banget dengan apa yang kita butuhkan atau yang kita sukai. Rasanya kita pengen tersenyum terus kalau pas dapet hadiah yang begitu kan? Nah, kalo si penerima happy, si pemberi pun ikut sumringah.

Berikut hasil iseng-iseng saya (engga kok engga magabu ;)) untuk beberapa idea untuk hadiah buat ayah, ibu, suami, pacar, adek, kakak, siapapun yang anda kasihi:

1. Scrapbook atau card
Yaahh, karena ini salah satu hobi saya, jadi saya paling suka membuat scrapbook dan kartu ucapan sendiri. Mungkin tidak semua orang suka dengan hadiah ini, jadi saya juga pilih-pilih target korban saya ya.
Kalau anda punya foto-foto candid dan lucu-lucu, kado ini juga bisa jadi pilihan yang berkesan, just be careful, biaya yang dikeluarkan bisa membengkak kalau tidak pintar-pintar memanfaatkan barang2 “scrap”.
2. Coupons
Jika anda terbatas dalam dana dan waktu, hadiah ini mungkin bisa jadi penyelamat.
Kita bisa memberi kupon pijat selama 30 menit atau kupon bersih-bersih selama 1 jam
3. Cakes, cupcakes or chocolates
Salah satu link yang ngga sengaja ketemu lewat mbah google: (coklat tema sepak bolanya lucu banget)
4. Jam dinding unik
Hadiah ini cukup unik dan affordable, karna harganya berkisar antara Rp. 300ribuan (USD 30) cekidot: tokei indocraft ya agan2. Tapi ada yang bilang ngasih hadiah jam itu pamali, kalo pada masih percaya begituan ya mungkin hadiah ini kurang sesuai ya…
5. Figurine
Mahal memang (kisaran 700ribuan – 1jutaan), tapi kado ini cocok sekali untuk orang tua atau atasan atau rekan kerja yang akan pensiun (jadi bisa patungan belinya juga hehehe :p)
Awesome link to help:
6. Personalized T-shirt
Kita bisa bikin desain gambar atau tulisan yang unik lalu disablon ke tshirt
7. Shoes
There is a saying that great pair of shoes will take you to great places…jadi menurut saya, you can never go wrong with shoes 🙂
8. Video
Bagi yang kreatif dan lagi banyak waktu ide hadiah untuk buat video bisa jadi pilihan yang menarik. Banyak-banyak check ke youtube buat cari inspirasi aja. Recently I bumped into Tom Fletcher (from McFly) and his wife channel in youtube, video2 mereka lucu dan manis banget, langsung cek aja yah..
9. Sweet and simple dinner
Terkadang hal yang paling simple bisa memberikan dampak yang besar, dinner di rumah bersama keluarga dan/atau teman-teman terdekat malah mungkin jadi pilihan yang dianggap terlalu ‘biasa’ but sometimes less is more..
Masih banyak macam hadiah lainnya, pastikan saja hadiah yang dipersiapkan adalah yang sesuai dengan kantong anda ya, you should give with smile not debt!

Nah, apa hadiah paling berkesan yang pernah saya terima? Ini dia TOP 3 saya:
1. Ipod Nano dengan namaku terukir di belakangnya — so personal! and I was dreaming to buy one at that moment (pas bokek pula).
2. Homemade birthday cake — my sister baked her first cake for me dan ENAK BANGET!!! (dia pake telor ayam kampung 30 biji untuk 1 loyang kecil).
3. A pan of meatlover pizaa, a haagendasz ice tart and runningman new episodes — yang ini dari suami…dia persiapkan ini beberapa hari setelah ulang tahun saya, karena pas hari H nya dia sedang sakit typhus… terharu banget melihat dia cape2 nyiapin ini…

Apa kado terindahmu???


Episode 0

I am not a blog-virgin. I might have written couple of postings and abandoned dozens of blogs — okay, four blogs precisely. To be honest, I do not know how committed I am on this new blog.

Since high school, I knew that I was always drawn to write and even dreamt to became a real writer, launched my own fiction book, became famous, earned millions of dollar, made movie out of the book and got hell other glittery stuffs that J.K Rowling or Stephanie Meyer or Suzanne Collins enjoyed now. Howeverrrrr…everytime I started to begin my journey, somewhere in the corner, a monstrous resistance and excuses lurking around and they (always) successfully made me gave up after two or three decent postings then I chin up and continue my usual, boring routine of life.

Okay, enough of that…let’s look into the present and probably a bit in the past and the future.

I have been reading alot these two months, consumed one book every week and even had a midnight reading marathon which end me up with panda eyes and sore mood the following morning. Despite the gruesome start, I am now feeling even more challenged and decided to add my 2014 resolution another optimistic goal — to finish one book every week AND to post one story in a new blog. *hurrah*

I promised myself to still be realistic, so one post can mean one long interesting story or one simple review or one merely “hi” — this what I called: baby steps!!!

I will keep my fingers crossed, my laptop nearby, my books opened and I request for prayer from fellow blog owners and blog readers.