Handmade creation ep.2

It’s Bee theme birthday gift for my friend’s baby boy:

baby bee theme 2baby bee theme 1

A very simple and easy to make kind of gift, I spent only two hours making it!

To make it, you can just take theme background from internet (I made this one by myself on MS word) and print cute bee characters and paste them with thick tape to make it 3D.
You can add abit of glitter here and there to make it sweeter.
You can basically buy frame anywhere, I got this one at Giant only for Rp. 10K!

For more ideas on free bee theme, you may check these cuties I found from other net sources ^^

Happy crafting!


Handmade creation ep. 1

Hello all!

Aheem..first of all, I know that it has been few weeks behind my schedule to post a new thing here…real life was extremely demanding that I have to resist myself to touch my laptop, don’t you dare give me that look, laptop! To redeem myself I’d like to slave myself with couple of writings today, so BE prepare!

Last few years, I have been fascinated by all things related to scrapbook. Scrapbook is an art to keep your memories, whether they are in pictures or souvenirs related to the experience. As we all know, conventional printed photography had lost its charm way long time ago. Now, people prefer to keep their pictures digitally in their hard drive or CD, for simplicity sake. For me personally, eventhough the digital version is indeed more space efficient, but I felt that I could not grasp the memory without holding something to remind me (not only looking at it on screen).

I started to try to create a scrapbook or card for my colleagues and friends back in 2012. I use alot of simple embelishment that I can create by myself and keep at low cost to buy fancier stuff from shops.

I am not creating them in regular basis, but love to browse around to get inspiration and know new techniques. I will post some of my creation and talk about it abit and please share your thoughts!

— Project Eve —
I called my very first project, Eve, because it’s not officially my first creation. I did make some other stuffs before, but never really finished and give it to someone.
Carton paper (thickness: 2-3mm) as cover.
Coloured paper (weight 180-200gsm) — I chose dark pink with glitter to wrap the main cover and dusty pink as content.
White paper (weight 70-80gsm) — you can basically print different images on this papers and paste them as embellishment. Or you can make paper quiling or simple origami out of them.

The scrapbook was for one of my ex colleague who resigned after 1 year service because she needed to move to Bali.
She is very feminine and she loves cat. One day she wears this bright pink shirt to office and all men at work cant stop looking at her! Which is why I chose the main colour as pink 🙂


detail front page paper quiling

Front page

page 1