Foodaholic Trip

Another post is comiiiiinnngg…please do not read this post with empty stomach! I warned you!

I wondered what would be the nicest job on earth? Right after I finished uploading my Singapore trip pics, I asked to myself, why cant I land a job that only allows me to travel the globe and eat delicious dishes and brag about them?? Why oh why…

I couldnt snap all the plates I had, mostly because I was too hungry to even bother the tradition (ritual org Indo: ambil foto, ngicip2, sadar kalo belom berdoa, berdoa beberapa detik, lalu makan), I expected tons of bones inside since you know, sting…ray..uh oh.:


Pork Satay with Pineapple peanut sauce:
A must eat – Singaporean typical Chicken Rice (accompanied by fu yung tan, shrimp roll, cakwe, kangkong and bbq pork):


Cupcakes made by a colleague, looks like she hated Mario Bros that she made a poisonous mushroom look alike; they are yummy tho!:


Last but not least…chili crab! they said it’s a Singaporean who found this dish…i’d say he/she must have married an Indo-Padang fella:



A Visit to Singapore

I’m going to be in Singapore next week for work purpose (and play, of course!!), so I’m in a mood to talk about it.

Singapore is probably the most popular destination for Indonesian tourists. It is like a blend of West meets East type of city/country where you can find a hip hangout place for expatriates coming from all over the globe next to a traditional chinese shop; or a shopping heaven full with most prestigious brand within few hundreds meters to Malay-Indian community area. It is Asia in soul but American/European in looks.

Lack of natural charms, Singapore creates its own charm by constructing many kind of remarkable building and developing great manmade attractions. With a little help from mouth watering local cuisine, support of good infrastructures system and reliable facility of medication has made Singapore an irresistable place for many people to visit.
By having the busiest port in the world, Singapore has been recognized as business centre of Asia. This lead to many foreign companies to invest and own an office or factory in Singapore which consequently build the competitiveness culture within the country (local people vs expat).

Personally, I would love to stay in Singapore for one or two weeks, I love the food, I love the convinience to be independent and I love the liveliness. But then again, I am having a difficult time imagining myself to stay there for longer period of time. Why? I am not so sure, perhaps I am too scaredy cat to be in such competitive culture (you can see everybody is walking rushing, briskly, busy checking their iphone and even the oldest grandma you met was working as a cleaning lady in random places!!).

Anyway, what do I do when I am in Singapore? Well, beside working (of course!), I would usually visit these places:
1. Orchard Rd — no, not to shop, dear…But only to walk around, chill and see the beauty of the shops  during the evening; you can grab a bite at Killiney kopitiam nearby too, yum!
2. Clarke Quay — to enjoy the nightlife, chill with friends with live music and cooling drinks.
3. Bugis Junction — to satisfy my hunger for rather cheap yet fashionable accesories (you can find cute snapbacks, dangles or pair of flats with good bargain!). Accross the street, you can find rows of local food shops (the durian ice is all-kill!)
4. Daiso (all $2 shop) (you can find them in many places, but I usually go to Plaza Singapura) — to buy unique (and cheap..hehehe) souvenirs for family and friends.

Where would you go?


Ps: Pictures are not my property.